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MISSION:  Be the economic engine for the Eastern Shore of Maryland by graduating students who are college or career ready.


Due to the support of the Governor and the Maryland General Assembly, Maryland continues to be one of the top performing school systems in the Nation. We are requesting that the Maryland General Assembly fund the education formula as delineated in the “Bridge to Excellence Act”, add pre-kindergarten children to the funding formula, and provide a financial incentive for county governments to exceed maintenance of effort.”                                                                        


Due to the support of the Governor and Maryland General Assembly, we have been able to address our aging school infrastructure. Your support has greatly helped us address the challenge of aging school buildings. On the Eastern Shore, approximately 65,000 students attend 130 different schools. We are seeking your support to fund the requested capital projects.  The FY ‘20 capital project requests for the Eastern Shore are listed on the back of this page.



The use of technology as a tool to deliver instruction and assess student progress continues to grow. School systems continue to struggle with three major areas. First, school building access to high speed internet with needed band-width continues to be a challenge in rural areas. Second, as more instructional devices are being added to the school building network, school systems continue to be challenged by the need to up-grade internal network systems in each school building. Third, to deliver high quality instruction and engage students for the information age economy, school systems struggle with providing devices such as laptops or notebooks or hand-held devices. We are recommending that the State adopt a funding mechanism to provide funds to local school systems to upgrade infrastructure and purchase devices for student use.


We believe school systems need to retain local control over the types and number of benchmark and teacher   designed tests.  Assessment is critical to the learning process. Assessment is used to monitor student progress, deliver appropriate enrichment or intervention to support student learning, and provide feedback to parents, students, and educators. In general, the types of assessments used in school systems are standardized tests such as the SAT or PARCC, school system designed and administered tests such as benchmark assessments, and teacher designed and administered tests on units or lessons.  We urge you to oppose any initiative that prevents local school systems from using assessment as a critical tool to monitor and support student learning.


Local school systems must have autonomy and flexibility to implement federal and state education reforms.  By retaining local control over education issues, local school systems are in the best position to address the unique needs of their communities.  We are strongly recommending that the General Assembly support the critical need for local control by opposing any legislation that impacts the authority of local boards of education and superintendents of schools.


In Maryland, we are experiencing a critical shortage of qualified teachers.  On the average, Maryland Institutions of Higher Education graduate approximately 2,400 teachers per year while Maryland public schools employ on average 5,000 new teachers per year, creating a perpetual shortage.  On the Shore, competing with other shcool systems in Maryland and our region, we hire approximately 400 new teachers per year.  We are asking the Eastern Shore Delegation to declare the teacher shortage in Maryland a crisis and adopt policies to encourage more people to become teachers.

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